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PRIVATE TOUR:This is for your private party of up to seven people. You pay the full rate of GBP3399.00 (inclusive of all taxes - no hidden extras) regardless of how many are in your party up to a maximum of seven people. Tours run every day except for Wednesday. Collect from and return to your London address.

MIXED GROUP TOURS:For those wishing to join others as part of a mixed group and pay a price per head of GBP525.00, subject to a minimum of six people traveling. Tours run every Wednesday, and require at least fourteen days notice from date of travel. Collect and return from a single central London venue.

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Private tour: £ 3399.00

Max 7 people.

Mixed Group Tour: £ 525.00per head

Subject to a minimum of 6 people traveling and fourteen days notice.

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Privately Chartered Aircraft

A privately hired 9-seater executive aircraft will fly you from the UK to Normandy and back.

Value for Money

For as little as £525 per person visit the D-Day battlefields from your London hotel in 1 Day!

Beautiful Scenery

See the rugged Normandy beaches – the theatre of the D-Day invasion.

Expert Tour Guide

Your tour is delivered by a professional English speaking guide experienced and knowledgeable in the battle of Normandy.

Country-Specific Tours

Whether you are from America, Canada or Great Britain, we will offer you a tour that highlights the role that your country played in the Normandy invasion.

Excellent Support

Owner Michael Phillips is happy to discuss your individual requirements to ensure you have a wonderful experience on your D-Day experience day.

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Jonathan Colebridge
Jonathan Colebridge

The D-Day Tour

Outstanding trip. We only had a limited time in the UK so to be able to see the battlefields of Normandy in one day and be back to our hotel for dinner was superb.

D Day Tours

Our D Day tours are an exciting opportunity to pay your respects and visit the historic D-Day Landing Beaches in a time saving and efficient trip from London. The only practicable way to see the sights in a single day is by private aircraft transfer from London, using private executive transfer to and from Lydd airport, Kent and the very capable services of The Bayeux Shuttle who will provide a private experienced guide dedicated to making sure you get the best out of the day. It is a day that works perfectly. Everything will be done for you – there are no hidden extras – all you are required to do is bring adequate clothing and sit back to listen, learn and appreciate all that you will see.

Your Privately Chartered Aircraft

Private Aircraft To Normandy Beaches

After a light lunch with refreshments (please advise any dietary requirement) at the historic Ivy House, Ste Marie du Mont, which is adjacent to Utah Beach you will visit Utah Beach and see where Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr landed with the US 4th Infantry Division (Ivy Division) to commence the battle to liberate Europe. After having landed approximately a mile and a half south of intended beach landing area, he famously remarked “We will have to start the War from here”.  Here you will see magnificent monuments including a replica landing craft (Higgins Boat) which played a deeply significant role to enable to success of the Landings on all five Landing Beaches of Utah (US) Omaha (US), Gold (British) Juno (Canadian) and Sword (British) – all code names at the time of course but today the Beaches are known by those historic names and feature on all maps of the area.

After lunch you will be treated to La Pointe du Hoc to see where Lt Col. James Earl Rudder landed and climbed the steep cliffs with three Companies of the 2nd Ranger Battalion to assault and overcome a German gun battery which covered and threatened the seaborne approach to Utah Beach. There are many astonishing stories here and you will see deep craters made from heavy aircraft and naval bombardment. You will also visit the famous Ranger Monument located on the top of the Fire Control Bunker where President Ronald Reagan, accompanied by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, delivered his now historic speech to the surviving Rangers on the 40th Anniversary of the Landings on 6th June, 1984.

La Pointe du Hoc

Normandy Beaches From London

Driving east along the coast your guide will stop and present Omaha Beach, otherwise justifiably known as “Bloody Omaha”. There you will stand on the Beach and see where it all happened on that fateful morning.   You will learn the whys and wherefores of the mistakes of the day – so often referred to as the place where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. You will see just how the enemy defenders hidden within the bluffs overlooking the Beach could clearly see the dark shapes of the moving assaulting soldiers silhouetted against the bright orange sandy background of the beach. This is the only battlefield in history where the attacking soldiers had to move forward directly into enemy fire to reach the dubious safety of either a shingle embankment or a sea wall, depending upon where they were brought in. Attack was the name of the game, and the US 1st Infantry Division was sent in with the young, inexperienced troops of the US 29th Infantry Division to give them encouragement and jointly do the job. Make no mistake, there is no movie, documentary, lecture or book that can adequately portray the horror and tragedy of this place except by a personal visit under the tutorage of an experienced guide.

A short hop takes you to the Normandy American Cemetery administered by the American Battle Monument Commission (ABMC) at Colleville sur Mer where 9387 American Soldiers, Naval Personnel and Airmen are buried. It is indeed a sobering site. It is one of 12 permanent American World War 2 Cemeteries in Europe, and they are all beautifully and meticulously maintained. Two types of headstone will be seen – the Latin Cross and the Star of David which have been stunningly arranged in perfect array. There is no set order to the layout of the headstones (except for kin who, where possible, have been buried side by side) in demonstration that all are equal in death. A further sobering piece of information is that nearly two thirds of the American death casualties were repatriated to America leaving just over a third buried there today. So often this fact obfuscates the true death casualty figures, something that is lost within the breath-taking sight of the cemetery itself.

Normandy American Cemetery

Canadian D Day Graveyard

Thereafter your driver and guide will return you to Caen Airport for your return flight to Lydd Airport. At Lydd, your executive car awaits to return you to your London accommodation.

This is a full day and it is recommended that you arrange nothing more than a meal upon your return which is usually by 7pm as your mind will be full of the monumental sites you will have seen and by the history you have learned.

All in all, this day potentially teaches more than a visit into history.   It was the last time men were launched into battle in such huge numbers aided by the modern inventions of transportation and technology. Today we are (hopefully!) more savvy about how we go about such things and moreover if we wage war, just how important it is in the planning to ensure victory ensues. Lives are precious commodities and should never, ever be squandered by politicians and generals.

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